As a trusted advisor, Mia is a hands-on leader from design through delivery with highly personalized attention. She rolls up her sleeves as a close collaborator with her clients and team throughout the life of the project. Taking the time for proactive planning is critical to early-on alignment and a key aspect of every project. Every client and project is unique and each will have a highly customized approach.

“It is not about me and my designs and what I love, it is understanding the client and navigating the best design solution for them and their business.”

Mia Marshall, Owner + Founder

Mia is a visionary and sees the end result with clarity. She does not lose sight of the big picture while still honing in on the finest and most critical details. Mia is an orchestrator of all the many moving parts and pieces of projects large and small to ensure the end result meets the clients’ vision, budget, schedule, and program requirements.

To ensure the design solution is in the best interest of her clients’ vision and business, Mia is a true believer that it all starts with the client. This client focus avoids unfunctional designs, budget overruns, and schedule delays – it is about the constant balance of design appropriateness to maximize the design and functionality and stick to the budget and schedule.

A Holistic Approach

Most individuals are either right brained or left brained.
Mia embraces a hybrid approach.

Managers are very analytical, process-oriented, methodical, and organized. Left Brained.

Designers are extremely creative, colorful, forward-thinking, and artistic. Right Brained.

Design + Management is the balance of left brain and right brain –
a holistic approach weaving analytical and creative methods for the
best possible result.

*Projects completed by Mia Marshall under previous employment